August 13th-16th, 2017

at 777s Ranch in Ferron, UT

Camp Info

777s Ranch asks that you abide by the camp dress guidelines.

Gals: Low necklines, bare midriffs, bare shoulders, tank tops, and skin-tight shirts are not acceptable camp attire. Loose-fitting slacks, jeans, or knee-length fashions may be worn. Jeans must be in good repair with no holes or tears. Colored shorts (these do not have to be knee length) must be worn over swimsuits. Tops of swimsuits must be lined and not have a low neckline in either the front or the back. Colored T-shirts are required over any swimsuit that does not meet these guide- lines.

Guys: Tank tops and sleeveless shirts may not be worn. Swimsuits must be trunk-type suits. Jeans must be in good repair with no holes or tears.

What TO bring list for youth: Sleeping bag, towels, pillow, insect repellent, sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries, Bible, notebook and pen, flashlight, camera, tennis shoes, swimsuit attire, spending money for the Snack Shack

What NOT to bring list for youth:

Pets, tobacco products, drugs, alcoholic beverages, matches, fireworks, knives larger than pocket knives, guns, ammunition, or T-shirts with worldly or suggestive advertising

Camp Schedule

4:00PM - Arrive
5:30PM - Dinner
7:00PM - Ground Rules
7:30PM - Night Game

11:00PM - Lights Out

Monday - Tuesday
7:45AM - Wake Up
8:15AM - The Gathering
8:30AM - Breakfast
9:30AM - Devotion
10:00AM - Session 1
11:30AM - Lunch
12:30PM - Games
3:30PM - Free Time
5:00PM - Dinner
6:00PM - Session 2
8:00PM - Night Game

11:00PM - Lights Out

8:00AM - Wake Up
8:30AM - The Gathering
8:45AM - Breakfast
9:45AM - Devotion
10:15AM - Clean up/Pack up
11:30AM - Head Home

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